The Parakeet Haus

Committed to raising healthy, happy babies!


Hello and welcome to The Parakeet Haus! We are a small hobby breeder located in Cedar Rapids, IA. We only have two or three clutches a year to ensure that all babies are raised to become happy, healthy, and very confident adults. We breed for quality, not quantity! We are currently home to many different mutations of budgies/parakeets including Spangle, Opaline, Pied, Greywing, and Normal in many different shades of Green, Grey, Violet, and Blue. We take pride in making our babies the very best they can be. We do not ship at this time. We currently sell hand-tame American Parakeets ($25), English Budgies ($45), and English/American Crosses ($35). We generally have babies for sale and occasionally adults ($15). All of our babies are raised around many different sights and sounds such as barking dogs, the vacuum cleaner, and the television. Please take a look around our website and feel free to contact us with any comments or suggestions you may have. Thank you!

Price List

American Parakeets: $25

English/American Crosses: $35

English Budgies: $45

All Adults: $15