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Quotes I adopted my beautiful English budgie from Paityn, and I couldn't be happier. Very healthy and full of life, Stewie is a wonderful bird. Our other bird taught Stewie to wolf whistle and bark like a dog at only 5 months old. He has no qualms about eating his veggies right out of my hands. I enjoy watching him play and hearing him whistle quietly to himself all day. I get a kick out of how big his head is; he's so funny! I love the little guy and would highly recommend adopting a bird from here. Quotes
Stephanie G.
Happy Adoption

Quotes I purchased a beautiful Budgie from Paityn a few months ago and couldn't be happier. He's a big, healthy boy with a wonderful personality. Paityn has some awesome birds and takes such good care of them; that's probably why they were all so happy. Thanks, Paityn. Quotes
Barbara VonderHaar

Quotes We went and picked up our two lovely budgies this last weekend and already the female is showing tons of personality. They get along well with my other budgie as well. They are happy and healthy and I have Paityn to thank for that. They are wonderful and I couldn't ask for prettier babies! Quotes